Will it cost me more for same day service?

No. We aim to provide you service within 60 minutes of your call. In some cases even less.

Do you offer any discounts?

Yes, we offer a Seniors and Aged Pensioner discount to card holders. This will apply to every service call including repeats.

Do you Sell Computers, Software and other IT Equipment?

Yes we do! Primarily we are an IT support business, but that goes hand-in-hand with new hardware as it’s needed. We can provide any Computer, Networking, Storage or Imaging requirement. We will talk to you about what you need to achieve with your equipment, find the right components, supply it, install it, set it up and even teach you how to use it. This includes transferring data and programs from old systems, dealing with your Internet provider and validating licences as required.

My Internet is not working. Can you help?

Yes. We can deal with all forms of internet connections, including setup and repairs of ADSL, 3G, 4G, WiMax, Cable and NBN. We will deal with the equipment, the configurations and the Internet Service Provider.

What if I only have a quick question about my system?
For existing customers (someone who we have visited at least once), we can provide quick phone based support free of charge. Yes, we will answer your questions without a service call.

What if my question is a little more complicated?

Depending on the complexity and how it relates to your original problem. We can, if needed (with your assistance and security codes) provide Remote Assistance. This may or may not be chargeable depending on the situation.

Why is my computer slow? It used to be fast!

Most of the software and system programs are continuously updating. This is great for you and for the most part is free, but very few of us bother to upgrade or update the hardware. This can result in the software becoming out of sync with the hardware and not able to deal with the ever increasing demands on it. Sometimes a simple update such as more memory or switching to a faster hard drive or updating to an SSD, can make a huge difference.

Give me another reason why my computer is slow? It’s not that old.

Quite often programs you install or update will install additional software you didn’t ask for. Sometimes you are tricked into loading software by web sites that tell you your computer is “Slow”, “Has hundreds of problems” or “needs to be backed up”. All of these claims are untrue. They are “HOOK” lines to try and trick you into installing software to try and direct you to sites you don’t want to go to or pay for things you don’t need. We can quickly fix all of these issues for you.

How many security/antivirus programs should I have?

One! Security programs have the highest level of access to your computer. In most cases, as high as your Operating System (e.g. Windows). They will be looking for any other program that is trying to make changes to the system that it’s not authorized to do. For the most part, two or more security programs will see each other as a threat and will launch attacks at each other. Best case scenario: Neither will protect you. Worst case scenario: They will crash the computer.